Private Placement Memo for Investors

You must fill out our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) contact form in order to receive an emailed copy of the security ownership terms and conditions of our Movie LLC. Our investment is structured so that our investors receive priority payments of any dividends generated by the movie's revenues. This includes return of their principal plus 10% before anyone can begin receiving Movie revenue dividends from the film. Our objective is to make this affordable so that regular folks can financially participate with an acceptable exposure to the least risk as possible. There is no way to guarantee our movie will be financially successful, but all of us involved have our own time and money at risk as well. If you cannot afford to risk and possibly lose your investment then, please do not financially participate. Those of us involved believe in this project and have accepted these same risks with all of you whom choose to invest and produce this awesome movie about this amazing story. Click the Continue button to receive your PPM.