Why Invest In Film

Film investment is demonstrably rewarding compared to the low risk to the equity invested, the film property has a long shelf life and even in slow or sluggish financial markets and times, people still seek entertainment as a viable low cost outlet for their stress and personal enjoyment and has been proving to be very resilient even during these very challenging times.
Film investment has the potential for significant upside in a fairly rapid format within 12-24 months of investment and maintains a revenue stream for a fairly significant long period of time, in many cases well over a decade.
Our expert management team will employ risk management techniques to minimise downside potential.
A film does not have to be a box office success in order for an investor to make money – sound financial structuring and tax efficiencies can make a significant difference.
Revenue Streams include pay for view,cable channels, theater release, DVD sales and special promotions.

Our management team has taken significant steps to minimize the actual risk and create realistic strategies to get the principal returned in pre-sale strategies and distribution channels.